The Sparrow: Synopsis

Cast: 2 male / 2 female.
Note: The Sparrow is not available for either professional or amateur production.


Ed (A bus conductor)
Evie (A young woman)
Tony (A businessman)
Julia (His wife)
An unassuming bus conductor, Ed, arrives at his London flat with Evie, both drenched by a storm, having met at a dance hall. Due to the storm, Ed convinces Evie to reluctantly spend the night in his bed, while he sleeps in the lounge. However, Ed’s cold and calculating flatmate, Tony, has other ideas and Evie is forced to sleep in the bath.

The next day, Tony - an apparently aspirational and entrepreneurial businessman - persuades Evie through aggression and flattery to become the secretary for his dubious business. When Tony’s former wife, Julia, visits, she is highly sceptical of the relationship and Ed becomes increasingly unhappy as Evie’s professional work gets in the way of their own relationship.

It soon becomes clear Tony has no business of his own and is using Evie to get back at Ed and Julia, who had a one-night stand following one of Julia’s many arguments with Tony.

Matters come to a head when Tony returns one evening, obviously back together with Julia. However, the couple have a huge row in the kitchen and Ed and Evie escape the flat, choosing each other over Tony and no longer his pawns, vowing to each other never to get married.

Article by Simon Murgatroyd. Copyright: Haydonning Ltd. Please do not reproduce without permission of the copyright holder.